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listed here that we know and are able to do well

Control systems development


We are carrying a complete design cycle of ACS (development of technical specifications, technical design, operating, maintenance documentation, design documentation for the equipment custom-made) in accordance with the requirements of normative documents.

Dispatching control systems development


Based on local networks. If on your objects held phone, then you can connect dispatching system using xDSL technology, a modem connection or Ethernet networks.

With the use of GSM-Modem. Suitable for objects far from the control tower. Information can be transmitted in two ways - SMS messages or using the GPRS or EDGE service (through the Internet connection). Of the disadvantages of this type of communication can be distinguished: a small amount of data (for SMS), during a heavy burden on cellular networks possible rupture of an indefinite time.

Data transmission over radio channels. With this option, the construction of network scheduling is possible for sufficiently large distances in an urban or a deserted area, independent on weather and other conditions. Can be used as free public frequencies (eg 433 MHz) and to acquire permission for use after radiofrequency center.

Software development


ПProgramming of industrial controllers and the operator panel of leading international manufacturers such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, Alien Bradley and others and develop software based on the upper level SCADA systems, InTouch, WinCC, Trace Mode, Master Scada.

For small projects may implement SCADA system of its own design. Example of application is shown in the Projects section.

In addition to the automation software, we develop software systems for other applications.

Installation and commissioning


The assembly of control cabinets and electrical enclosures of varying complexity. Installation of cases at the facility and connection of output terminals to the actuators and devices. Perform work on the installation of technological equipment and the installation of secondary equipment at the facility.

Commissioning: start and conclusion to the desired mode of operation management system, putting into commercial operation. Carrying out routine-test works with the issuance of operational regulations of the preseed installation.

Upgrade & renew


Energy-saving technologies on the basis of frequency controlled drives. Modern elctronics increase productivity and efficiency of equipment.

Renovation and upgrade of existing control systems through a complete replacement of equipment and installation extra.

Support manning


Technician presence at the facility for daily monitoring of equipment, maintenance equipment, adjustment devices, for maintenance. Check-out specialists to fix faults on-demand or remote technical support.

Warranty and service.